Missing Gutter Cover: Figuring Out Warwickshire County Council

I took a slightly different route to work this morning and came across an unpleasant surprise:

As you can see from the picture below the missing cover is a hazard and I suspect that is true not only for a skinny bicycle tire, but even for cars. The placement of the gutter also makes this a place where cyclists would venture and may have a hard time seeing the missing cover at night. It would make for a nasty spill, with serious injury highly likely.

I decided that I would make this a test case. I had never contacted authorities about road issues in the UK and figured this obvious case would be as good as any to see what the reaction of the authorities were. At the time I thought I would be in for a bureaucratic odyssey.

The County’s website has a bunch of information and ways to submit an issue, but none of them seemed germane to a more urgent situation (which I consider this to be). I decided to call instead.

10:50 am: I call the main line and get put through to a friendly agent within a minute or so. We discuss the problem, location. Very efficient. I ask what will be done about it. The response is promising: as this is considered an urgent matter, they would send someone out today and determine what would need to be done. I was also asked to send in the pictures.

I was happy with that response and have some hope that this will get fixed within a few days.


12:39 pm (8 December): I receive a phone call from an unknown number and someone from Warwickshire County Council is on the line and informs me that the crew is being dispatched and things should be fixed within a day or so.

I will post further updates as things develop (which really should only be one more, indicating that things have been fixed).

11:00 am (9 December): The results are in – Warwickshire County Council has done an amazing job by fixing this within an extremely short period of time. On my way home last night I saw that the gutter had already been fixed, but with darkness and traffic the timing for taking pictures just wasn’t right.

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